About me…

Who am I? You sure you want to know?

I’ve always been a movie fan for as long as I can remember. Something about sitting in a reclined chair, in a dark theater with a bucket of popcorn and a soda that feels calming and euphoric. So, in 2019, I started taking more frequent trips to the movie theaters thanks to the most convenient subscription AMC A-list. Going with friends who saw my passion grow steadily with each trip, one made the suggestion that I make something tangible with my fandom. And the little voice inside my head listened as the volume got louder. I decided to create this blog and add my thoughts and opinions to this expanding community. During the global pandemic the world was put under in 2020, I gained something valuable that had been taken from me for a couple years against my will – time. Since the end of 2018, I worked in Manhattan, waking up at 5:20 am to take a 6:24 train to the Financial District where my company was located. Working for 8 hours a day to leave during peak rush hour and make it home an hour and a half later. For 5 days a week my work day was 12 full hours of commuting and working. I was burnt out. It was brutal, exhausting, and repetitive despite working for a company that opened a lot of doors and paved an opportunity for my career. Working exclusively from home has given me back my time, balancing work/life became easier and with internet connection and no where to go, watching movies and tv became my vice.

I started this blog as a hobby in 2020 and its the most fun Ive had in quite some time. I love exploring films that are new to me along with the directors and talent that make it happen. Moviemaking is fascinating, the escapism is something I crave and was able to latch onto during that time of quarantine. Since this is a hobby, something I do on the side, the more consistent I am, the more involved I want to be. My current goal is to become a Rotten Tomatoes approved critic and to be a part of a film critic society. I can’t thank each one of you who visits my blog to read my reviews enough, even if you think I can’t write, I appreciate it nonetheless because I know I can improve on just about every facet of my writing. Im my biggest critic.

Putting yourself out there is a tough decision, especially on the internet in todays world. It’s easier to stay hidden away from the world and live life day to day in your bubble. Running this blog and sharing my reviews with the world is me stepping out of my comfort zone and at first, it was terrifying but as I continue to put my reviews out there for the public to consume, it gets easier.

For those wondering, I upload new reviews of movies and tv, ranking of filmographies of directors and best of the year every Monday, Wednesday, Friday. I am on social media (links below) and would love to interact with you there. Anything else you’d like to know, shoot me an email. See you in the theater!