Movie Trivia Schmoedown (Season 8) Preview


With the finality of a calendar year ending on December 31st to the start of a brand new one on January 1st, it’s not just the signal of a new year but a new season of the Movie Trivia Schmoedown is about to commence. What is the Movie Trivia Schmoedown you ask? Well, you’ve come to the right place (or at least found a good starting point), it’s the coolest sport you probably have never heard of before; until now. The Movie Trivia Schmoedown is exactly that, movie trivia. Airing on YouTube what sets the Schmoedown apart from other unique/niche sports is all credited to the creators of this magical sport Kristian Harloff Mark Ellis. The idea came to the two comedians / youtubers in a pizzeria in Anaheim and the rest is history.

A flair of the theatrics and storylines ala WWE and pure competitiveness, the Schmoedown is unlike anything that has been previously conceived of. Each year MTS (for short) grows in scale – new competitors are attracted as well as sponsors like Skybound Entertainment. The end of a Schmoedown season sees its big event the Schmoedown Spectacular (their Wrestlemania) where all division titles are on the line after grueling tournaments take place. Some titles stay with their champions while others are newly crowned. Schmoedown Spectacular and the season as a whole gets more competitive than the previous with more than just bragging rights on the line. Season 7 of the Movie Trivia Schmoedown changed the entire landscape. A draft was held where nine managers picked their rosters for their individual factions.  

Season 8 is finally upon us; the game has changed once again – season 8 in the Schmoedown is WAR. More categories have been added to each division by the writing staff led by PJ Campbell making things either more difficult or easier depending on how you see things, new storylines that stir the cauldron of drama and an influx of rookies ready to answer the challenge. It’s all about the top prize for the winning faction and this year the fans that love this sport with their heart & soul help determine the prize. It was announced by Kristian that a certain percentage of all merch sold of each respective faction would become the prize to the faction that outlasts the rest. Season 7’s faction winner is Korruption managed by Shannon Barney.  

Korruption was the darling faction of the previous season all thanks to the comradery of each individual player and Shannon as the Manager. Rookie phenom Adam Collins, who was picked up in free agency beat Dan Murrell (the G.O.A.T.) for the singles division belt going 6-0 giving the edge to Barney and Korruption. At the end of the season going into season 8, each manager is able to sign/keep 3 players each while the remaining would be eligible for the draft. The free agency special was aired live and held on January 22nd with the draft airing a week later on January 29th.  

This past Friday a PPV event known as Schmoedown Throwdown was held that kicked off the season. Normally the first major event like this is held live but due to the ongoing pandemic, MTS has remained a digital league for the time being. For members of the MTS Patreon at the $10 tier and up these live events come with the subscription or tickets can be purchased individually at Speaking from experience it’s well worth the money being at the $10 Patreon tier. Kristian announced that each month there will be 3 live event PPV’s – what more can you ask for?

On the undercard for the Throwdown is a Star Wars division match between Laura Kelly of SWAG – managed by Winston A. Marshall going head-to-head with Mollie Damon of the Dungeon – managed by John Kaiser. This match will determine who will go up against the current reigning Star Wars champion Alex Damon as the number 1 contender. The main event of this PPV is for the Innergeekdom title between challenger and returning veteran and previous Innergeekdom champion Mara Knopic of the Dungeon taking on champion Chandru Dhandapani of SWAG. 

One of the great things about the MTS is the fact that if you are brand new to this sport, previous seasons aren’t necessary to understand the game to jump right into this new season. If you’re like me discovering this more recently (and I totally did this when I started watching in 2019, don’t ask why) making the decision to go back to the beginning and watch every match from every past season to see how the game started, evolved and how we got to this point is also an option. 

As the Movie Trivia Schmoedown advances every year, the production value increases, the promos competitors and managers shoot become more entertaining and the storylines and drama revolving around the heels and baby faces becomes more in depth than ever before. Now more than ever the league is being treated as a full-fledged sport. Several individuals including William Bibbiani, Ben Bateman, PJ Campbell and others created a much needed and necessary rule book that sets precedent should any issues arise. Another topic which poses so much confusion deals with spoilers after matches. This is a sport and needs to be treated like one – if you don’t want to know the outcome, avoid at all costs.     

The Movie Trivia Schmoedown currently had its first official matches of season 8 which will be released to their YouTube channel this week and will start airing matches every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday with 3 PPV events a month for a total of 25 matches a month. Currently – there are 8 factions with a 12-person roster per faction. The best thing about the Schmoedown hands down is the community, full of film nerds, working professionals and youtubers and podcasters, its easily the most welcoming community a person could be involved in. Next week March 3rd, Schmoedown is WAR.

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