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“I used to think people like you were the s***, man. Badasses like you always fascinated me. But doing it, you know, actually pulling the trigger, ending a life? Well, that takes someone with no soul.”“I used to think people like you were the s***, man. Badasses like you always fascinated me. But doing it, you know, actually pulling the trigger, ending a life? Well, that takes someone with no soul.”

“I used to think people like you were the s***, man. Badasses like you always fascinated me. But doing it, you know, actually pulling the trigger, ending a life? Well, that takes someone with no soul.”

Barry Season one is oddly satisfying in the best ways. It’s dark, hilarious, and heartbreaking simultaneously. Bill Hader creates a character study of a broken man. It can be difficult to follow up the success that a first season could have but Barry seems to lap season one effortlessly. It’s the kind of comedy we need right now with what is going on in the world. The term ‘Comedy’ is used loosely as Barry is more in the same vein as a Breaking Bad. It has its laugh out loud moments throughout while its dark edges only get darker blurring the lines that still make it a comedy.

If you thought the story was over for Barry Berkman (Bill Hader) after the events in the season one finale, you’re dead (haha, get it) wrong. It’s pretty obvious what happens to detective Moss – it’s only a matter of time before the demons come for Barry.  Season one paints the picture of Barry as this human with sociopathic tendencies being one of the best contract killers out there. A former marine with severe post traumatic stress that has been buried for so long, begins to claw its way into the sunlight exposing Barry for what he truly is.

“Hey, I don’t wanna sound like a creep, but do you wanna get in the car with me and my friend?”

Catching up with the characters, Gene Cousineau (Henry Winkler) is stricken with grief after no leading suspect can be found – the murder case is closed on his beloved girlfriend. NoHo Hank (Anthony Carrigan) is head of the Chechen Mafia and best buds with the head of the Bolivian Mafia Cristobal (Michael Irby). NoHo Hank is possibly funnier this season than in season one. He’s even more awkward and naïve at being a leader to his soldiers. He thinks that his non-violent ways will win his troops over but in the end – they see him as a fraud.

Monroe Fuches (Stephen Root) has left town at the wishes of Barry but the life of crime cannot escape him as he spectacularly fails mentoring lesser assassins. Stephen pushes the boundaries of this character from an ally to Barry in season one to someone you don’t want to F*** with by the end of season two. His and Barry’s relationship becomes more and more fragile as the season plays out as they try to test each other with revealing the truth about Detective Moss (Paula Newsome) and what really happened. Fuches is plain maniacal in his quest for the truth to be slipped.

“See, that’s why I didn’t want to tell you, ’cause you’re gonna look at me differently. You’re gonna look at me like I’m a murderer, like I’m a violent piece of shit.”

Sally (Sarah Goldberg) has evolved as a character even further than what was originally expected. Season one she is just a side character that portrays the love interest for Barry. Season two – her character is more fleshed out where a lot more time is spent developing her own demons. Sarah plays the role with such braveness exploring the horrors from Sally’s past. The writing and development does a fantastic job at teasing this villain of hers while only giving us a peak at what that relationship was like when her ex visits town. Exposing your weaknesses to the world like that is a difficult thing to do especially if you’re ashamed of the circumstances – Sarah’s ability to relay that pain works wonders into the overall tone Barry establishes.

Many regarded that season two of Barry has one of the greatest episodes of television ever. Many could also argue that Breaking Bad, The Sopranos, The Wire & Game of Thrones hold that title of having a string of episodes that are objectively the best too. It’s not like the episode is a secret, if googled it’s on the first page. I’m talking about season two episode five. The premise of the episode is brilliant as it starts off one way than immediately takes a sharp left turn into pure insanity. Don’t worry, no spoilers but it’s up there as one of the best episodes of television. I was worried with all the hype that surrounds the episode that it would fall short leaving me utterly disappointed but that never happened. It’s just another brilliant episode appearing in one of the best television shows out there today.

“Barry? Listen to me. I had a son. I was terrible to this son. I was cruel. I was selfish. And there’s nothing I can do to change that. But I don’t want to be that guy anymore, and I pray that human beings can change their nature, because if they can’t then you and I are in deep trouble.”

What makes Barry phenomenal is the acting from top to bottom – cut and dry. A similar argument could be had for the writing and character development. Normally shows suffer from not doing one of these three and it’s obvious when something is off. Barry is season two is simply perfect. It builds off of the success of season one and flawlessly balances all of these storylines without flexing its muscles. The darker tone works wonders as Barry miraculously skates under the radar of the police seemingly by the skin of his teeth. His past is fascinating as we learn more of how he becomes the person we see in front of us. Each character is given more depth where the actors understand their characters enough to not let these new personality traits overcome them. If I were to rate Barry season two, I’d rate it a 5 out of 5. Don’t miss this show and let it slip through the cracks.

Barry season two premiered in 2019 and can be seen on HBO or streamed on Hulu or HBO Max. Barry season two has a Rotten Tomatoes score of 100%. Barry was created for TV by Bill Hader & Alec Berg and stars Bill Hader, Henry Winkler, Stephen Root, Anthony Carrigan, and Sarah Goldberg.

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