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Warner and DC Comics I’m going to need you to do one thing – Take. My. Money. Since 2008, Disney & Marvel have ruled over their rivals Warner & DC Comics. Where Marvel succeeded in setting up the Marvel Cinematic Universe DC could only hope but to play catch up. DC has released some pretty good films I.e. Man of Steel, Wonder Woman, Joker, Aquaman & Shazam!. Man of Steel is notorious for being known as the single most underrated comic book film ever made. It’s bizarre to think that it is because Henry Cavill gives us the most realistically grounded version of Clark Kent / Superman. DC has also had its share of duds. The theatrical version of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (watch the extended, it’s leaps and bounds better), Suicide Squad, Justice League, and Green Lantern.

There has been a changing of times. DC & Warner has focused less on the overarching shared universe (most likely since they announced every hero under the sun was getting a film with a release date and majority haven’t come to fruition) and started focusing on the standalone feature. It’s a better idea. They cannot beat Marvel – by the time Man of Steel hit theaters, Marvel’s Avengers made their impact on the film industry and already had their plan to move on to their Phase 2.  It wasn’t just Warner & DC that attempted to copy the Marvel Mode if cranking out movies in an assembly like manner. There is the infamous “Dark Universe” Universal Studios prematurely set in motion after the Mummy reboot failed in spectacular fashion.

2019 was a fantastic year for comic book movies. DC surged off the momentum of Aquaman and hit us with Shazam! In February and Joker in October. Not to be overshadowed by Marvel who came with the less than favorable Captain Marvel (I liked it) in March and then the most anticipated film for the last decade with Avengers Endgame. DC countered Marvel as Joker was the most profitable comic book film ever and won leading man Joaquin Phoenix the Oscar for best actor (well deserved).

Coming into 2020 the hype was real for DC. Wonder Woman 84 is set to come out and dazzle the way the first one did. Gal Gadot embodies Diana Prince perfectly so we were eager to see the follow up. And then COVID came and shut Hollywood, Comic-Con and the movie theaters down leaving us to wonder if we will see any of our favorite costumed heroes again this year. Two months into the pandemic and we get our first bit of news containing one of the biggest fan campaigns with #releasethesnydercut in May when HBO Max launched.

Warner & DC proceed to drop a bomb on the geek community on the scale of a Comic-Con. DC FanDome – a virtual 24 hour mashup of panels that will bring news, trailers, and announcements. Streaming August 22nd, the excitement was palpable. The panels were set, the fans, ready and waiting with bated breath. These are the five biggest stories from Saturday’s event.

5) Black Adam


The film Black Adam has seemingly been in development for about 40 years, give or take. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been attached to the role ever since the announcement. This incredible artist Bosslogic (Check out his stuff he’s a master) created this out of the world fan art of what The Rock would look like suited up and the excitement is real. When Shazam! came to theaters, we were greeted with a little tease of Black Adam leaving us wanting more. The panel didn’t bring any clips, teases or trailers (Sad, I know) but what we did get is a bunch of concept art with an outline of the characters that will be appearing in the film. Safe to say this stirred up a lot of excitement as no one else on this planet is more suited to play Black Adam.

4) The Suicide Squad


Let’s face it the 2016 Suicide Squad was a complete train wreck giving us a great trailer but a less than favorable film. Fortunately, one of the saving grace’s to that disaster came in the form of Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. She even got her own film (not as bad as Suicide Squad but with a lot more F bombs and action). Director James Gunn after Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 was let go from Marvel Studios after backlash of bad tweets several years prior. DC saw this as an opportunity to snag Gunn up and do a soft reboot of Task Force X. Fast forward to 2020 – James Gunn was hired back by Marvel to complete his Guardians trilogy and work on The Suicide Squad. The panel offered a behind the scenes look at the making of the film and a character introduction. This cast is absolutely stacked. James Gunn is the perfect man to bring this dysfunctional group of villains together with his sense of dark humor and action.

3) Wonder Woman 84


Could you believe that it took all the way till the year 2017 to have a non-white male be the lead in a superhero film? Finally, the women get to be at the forefront and what a better choice in a woman than Diana Prince. This is one aspect that DC beat Marvel in and it couldn’t have been better. Gal Gadot is the real life Wonder Woman. The impact she has had on women and girls around the globe is incalculable. Leave it to Patty Jenkins to helm this film and care for it the way it needed to be cared for. Gal’s Diana was one of the shining stars of Batman V Superman and her presence on screen with that score of music makes her a force to be reckoned with. A sequel is completely necessary. In a perfect world this film would have already been released. COVID stopped that. We’ve gotten a new date and DC FanDome gave us a kick-ass trailer and first look at the villain played by Kristen Wiig.

2) Zack Snyder’s Justice League


The long awaited, heavily anticipated wait to see the first trailer for Zack Snyder’s Justice League is finally here. It only took four years to come to fruition. Four long years fans have been screaming around the globe #releasethesnydercut. Finally, Warner answered. After the devastating news that Snyder had to step down from the project and all the drama from the production of Justice League, the world will finally be graced with Snyder’s original vision. The moment the trailer started, the feeling was completely and utterly different than what we saw four years ago. Granted the CGI isn’t fined but the atmosphere and look alone of from this trailer is what we should have gotten. The music choice of “Hallelujah” was perfect choice as the trailer played. It was confirmed that the Snyder cute will consist of four 1-hour parts of the Snyder cut that could also be watched as a four hour film. INSANE!

1)      The Batman


This was the showstopper, the final panel. When Ben Affleck stepped down as Batman the nerd community held its collective breath as we waited for the announcement on who would pick up the cape and dawn the cowl. And just like that it was announced – Robert Pattinson. The backlash was real, the same backlash Heath Ledger got for being cast as the Joker and he made us eat our words. Affleck also stepped away from the directors chair and Matt Reeves (Dawn & War for the Planet of the Apes) was to step in and helm the project. Ears perked up, eyed wiped clean as the casting announcements flooded in. Paul Dano, Andy Serkis, Geoffrey Wright, Collin Farrell, Zoe Kravitz – wow! Pattinson is more than Edward and Twilight; trust me he is the perfect choice for Bruce Wayne & Batman. Than the trailer dropped, and everyone lost their minds. This could potentially be the greatest Batman movie ever made. It’s dark, creepy, gritty, and brutal. This is what happens when a filmmaker has a specific vision for his film, and it works. Give us this Batman. This is the Batman we deserve – a true detective noir style film. All hail Matt Reeves.

Overall, DC FanDome spat in the face of Comic-Con which has me asking, do we really even need Comic-Con anymore? These virtual panels kicked so much ass and had the world watching from the comfort of their own homes. It was a glorious day to be a nerd. Some honorable mentions from Saturday’s event are The Flash Panel, Gotham Knights & Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League games coming from developers Rocksteady and Warner Games Montreal, respectively. What an Event, your move, Marvel!

So, tell me guys, did you watch DC FanDome on Saturday and if so, what do you think about it? Did it restore your faith in DC? Comment below or send me an email and let me know what you think.

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