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The news broke two days ago, the mystery behind the infamous Snyder cut (#releasethesnydercut) has finally been cracked. First things first, I never thought this would see the light of day, ever. I was on the skeptical side of this coin. I have to admit, the fact that now we have concrete evidence from the man himself, makes me really pumped to see his final version of the film. A cut has always existed, true, but it was never what the majority of fans thought existed. I have not always been the biggest supporter of the DCEU, I’m more MCU, but, there have been shining stars, some glimmers of hope with Man of Steel, Aquaman, Wonder Woman and Shazam. Hearing that Snyder had to exit the production due to a family emergency was a blow the final product of Justice League unfortunately had to take. Thankfully, MCU veteran Joss Whedon (who brought us one of the greatest comic book movies ever, Marvel’s Avengers) came in and took the helm. Regrettably, we, as fans didn’t get to see Snyder’s full vision come to fruition. Box office wise Justice League ended up grossing $657,924,295 worldwide on a total budget of $300 million. That is not entirely what Warner hoped for as the film is seen as a flop. The movement of #releasethesnydercut grew like wildfire with petitions being signed, grassroots rally campaigns, and billboards put up.

Brace yourselves DCEU fans, the Snyder Cut is coming *inserts Ned Stark meme*, our dreams have now been realized. Coming to HBO Max next year and I am already counting down the days. I’ve always wondered if we were ever going to see the black suit and long hair of Superman or Darkseid come to the big screen after that tease in Batman v Superman. Now, it’s still unknown how this cut of the greatest heroes ever created will come at us next year albeit a 4 hour director’s cut or in 6 episode chapters. I personally wouldn’t mind either but a 4 hour cut sounds awesome.

I think the appeal of this cut of the film for comic book fans is because Snyder stepped down from the project and all the backlash and production issues and controversies that came with it, they just made a train wreck bringing in Whedon. I actually like the extended BvS more because they cut out key moments that actually explained things in the theatrical version. I agree that we may not need this version, it’s moot because we have a new Batman, no Superman (potentially) and their focus is more on the singular film instead of the connected universe as a whole. My bigger problem with the DCEU is the fact that they chose to do Man of Steel than go directly into BvS which introduced a Batman who is a veteran and we don’t even know this iteration of Batman. My belief is Warner and Snyder forced the catchup to compete with Marvel since the MCU took off like a rocket. It just didn’t work for a majority of us and it leaves us wondering, why is this even coming?

Snyder told the Hollywood reporter “It will be an entirely new thing, and, especially talking to those who have seen the released movie, a new experience apart from that movie, You probably saw one-fourth of what I did.” Imagine only a quarter of what we all saw in Justice league was actually Snyder’s. That disappointment from BvS carried over into Justice League for me, let’s just say that this has tickled my intrigue. So, how much money will it take to finish the mysterious Snyder cut? Piggy backing on what the Hollywood Reporter broke on this story, it will take an estimated $20-30 million to finish the revamped, newly titled Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

The Snyder cut has been the proverbial white whale for comic book fans everywhere since the release of Justice league in 2017. DC and Warner have been on a roll as of late with Wonder Woman 84 set to hit theaters this summer and Justice League coming right after. Have you heard the news? Do you think this cut is a little too late? What do you think about the new title? Will you be getting HBO Max? I know I am and I absolutely will be waiting with baited breath for the Snyder cut to finally being finished the way it was and should have been intended and released to the streaming service next year. Comment below and let’s discuss.

As much as I’m looking forward to Robert Pattinson as our next Batman, what we need is more batfleck, *Christopher Walken voice*.

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